§ 35.590 Training for use of sealed sources and medical devices for diagnosis.

Except as provided in § 35.57, the licensee shall require the authorized user of a diagnostic sealed source or a device authorized under § 35.500 to be a physician, dentist, or podiatrist who—

(a) Is certified by a specialty board whose certification process includes all of the requirements in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this section and whose certification has been recognized by the Commission or an Agreement State. The names of board certifications that have been recognized by the Commission or an Agreement State are posted on the NRC's Medical Uses Licensee Toolkit web page; or

(b) Is an authorized user for uses listed in § 35.200 or equivalent Agreement State requirements; or

(c) Has completed 8 hours of classroom and laboratory training in basic radionuclide handling techniques specifically applicable to the use of the device. The training must include—

(1) Radiation physics and instrumentation;

(2) Radiation protection;

(3) Mathematics pertaining to the use and measurement of radioactivity; and

(4) Radiation biology; and

(d) Has completed training in the use of the device for the uses requested.

[70 FR 16366, Mar. 30, 2005; 83 FR 33110, Jul. 16, 2018]

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