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§ 35.491 Training for ophthalmic use of strontium-90.

Except as provided in § 35.57, the licensee shall require the authorized user of strontium-90 for ophthalmic radiotherapy to be a physician who—

(a) Is an authorized user under § 35.490 or equivalent Agreement State requirements; or

(b)(1) Has completed 24 hours of classroom and laboratory training applicable to the medical use of strontium-90 for ophthalmic radiotherapy. The training must include—

(i) Radiation physics and instrumentation;

(ii) Radiation protection;

(iii) Mathematics pertaining to the use and measurement of radioactivity; and

(iv) Radiation biology; and

(2) Supervised clinical training in ophthalmic radiotherapy under the supervision of an authorized user at a medical institution, clinic, or private practice that includes the use of strontium-90 for the ophthalmic treatment of five individuals. This supervised clinical training must involve—

(i) Examination of each individual to be treated;

(ii) Calculation of the dose to be administered;

(iii) Administration of the dose; and

(iv) Follow up and review of each individual's case history; and

(3) Has obtained written attestation, signed by a preceptor authorized user who meets the requirements in §§ 35.57, 35.490, 35.491, or equivalent Agreement State requirements, that the individual has satisfactorily completed the requirements in paragraph (b) of this section and has achieved a level of competency sufficient to function independently as an authorized user of strontium-90 for ophthalmic use.

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