§ 35.410 Safety instruction.

In addition to the requirements of § 19.12 of this chapter,

(a) The licensee shall provide radiation safety instruction, initially and at least annually, to personnel caring for patients or human research subjects who are receiving brachytherapy and cannot be released under § 35.75. To satisfy this requirement, the instruction must be commensurate with the duties of the personnel and include the--

(1) Size and appearance of the brachytherapy sources;

(2) Safe handling and shielding instructions;

(3) Patient or human research subject control;

(4) Visitor control, including both:

(i) Routine visitation of hospitalized individuals in accordance with § 20.1301(a)(1) of this chapter; and

(ii) Visitation authorized in accordance with § 20.1301(c) of this chapter; and

(5) Notification of the Radiation Safety Officer, or his or her designee, and an authorized user if the patient or the human research subject has a medical emergency or dies.

(b) A licensee shall retain a record of individuals receiving instruction in accordance with § 35.2310.

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