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§ 35.315 Safety precautions.

(a) For each patient or human research subject who cannot be released under § 35.75, a licensee shall—

(1) Quarter the patient or the human research subject either in—

(i) A private room with a private sanitary facility; or

(ii) A room, with a private sanitary facility, with another individual who also has received therapy with unsealed byproduct material and who also cannot be released under § 35.75;

(2) Visibly post the patient's or the human research subject's room with a “Radioactive Materials” sign.

(3) Note on the door or in the patient's or human research subject's chart where and how long visitors may stay in the patient's or the human research subject's room; and

(4) Either monitor material and items removed from the patient's or the human research subject's room to determine that their radioactivity cannot be distinguished from the natural background radiation level with a radiation detection survey instrument set on its most sensitive scale and with no interposed shielding, or handle the material and items as radioactive waste.

(b) A licensee shall notify the Radiation Safety Officer, or his or her designee, and an authorized user as soon as possible if the patient or human research subject has a medical emergency or dies.

[67 FR 20370, Apr. 24, 2002, as amended at 68 FR 19325, Apr. 21, 2003]

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