§ 35.310 Safety instruction.

In addition to the requirements of § 19.12 of this chapter,

(a) A licensee shall provide radiation safety instruction, initially and at least annually, to personnel caring for patients or human research subjects who cannot be released under § 35.75. To satisfy this requirement, the instruction must be commensurate with the duties of the personnel and include—

(1) Patient or human research subject control;

(2) Visitor control, including—

(i) Routine visitation to hospitalized individuals in accordance with § 20.1301(a)(1) of this chapter; and

(ii) Visitation authorized in accordance with § 20.1301(c) of this chapter;

(3) Contamination control;

(4) Waste control; and

(5) Notification of the Radiation Safety Officer, or his or her designee, and an authorized user if the patient or the human research subject has a medical emergency or dies.

(b) A licensee shall retain a record of individuals receiving instruction in accordance with § 35.2310.

[67 FR 20370, Apr. 24, 2002, as amended at 68 FR 19324, Apr. 21, 2003]

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