§ 35.15 Exemptions regarding Type A specific licenses of broad scope.

A licensee possessing a Type A specific license of broad scope for medical use, issued under Part 33 of this chapter, is exempt from—

(a) The provisions of § 35.12(d) regarding the need to file an amendment to the license for medical use of byproduct material, as described in § 35.1000;

(b) The provisions of § 35.13(b);

(c) The provisions of § 35.13(f) regarding additions to or changes in the areas of use at the addresses identified in the application or on the license;

(d) The provisions of § 35.14(a);

(e) The provisions of § 35.14(b)(1) for an authorized user, an authorized nuclear pharmacist, an authorized medical physicist, or an ophthalmic physicist;

(f) The provisions of § 35.14(b)(5).

(g) The provisions of § 35.49(a).

[72 FR 55931 Oct. 1, 2007; 83 FR 33103, Jul. 16, 2018]

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