§ 32.20 Same: Records and material transfer reports.

(a) Each person licensed under § 32.18 shall maintain records of transfer of material identifying, by name and address, each person to whom byproduct material is transferred for use under § 30.18 of this chapter or the equivalent regulations of an Agreement State and stating the kinds, quantities, and physical form of byproduct material transferred.

(b) The licensee shall file a summary report with the Director of the Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards by an appropriate method listed in § 30.6(a) of this chapter, including in the address: ATTN: Document Control Desk/Exempt Distribution.

(1) The report must clearly identify the specific licensee submitting the report and include the license number of the specific licensee.

(2) The report must indicate that the materials are transferred for use under § 30.18 or equivalent regulations of an Agreement State.

(c) For each radionuclide in each physical form, the report shall indicate the total quantity of each radionuclide and the physical form, transferred under the specific license.

(d)(1) The licensee shall file the report, covering the preceding calendar year, on or before January 31 of each year. In its first report after December 17, 2007, the licensee shall separately include the total quantity of each radionuclide transferred for transfers in prior years not previously reported to the Commission.

(2) Licensees who permanently discontinue activities authorized by the license issued under § 32.18 shall file a report for the current calendar year within 30 days after ceasing distribution.

(e) If no transfers of byproduct material have been made under § 32.18 during the reporting period, the report must so indicate.

(f) The licensee shall maintain the record of a transfer for one year after the transfer is included in a summary report to the Commission.

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