§ 32.19 Same: Conditions of licenses.

Each license issued under § 32.18 is subject to the following conditions:

(a) No more than 10 exempt quantities set forth in § 30.71, Schedule B of this chapter shall be sold or transferred in any single transaction. For purposes of this requirement, an individual exempt quantity may be composed of fractional parts of one or more of the exempt quantities in § 30.71, Schedule B of this chapter, provided that the sum of such fractions shall not exceed unity.

(b) Each quantity of byproduct material set forth in § 30.71, Schedule B of this chapter shall be separately and individually packaged. No more than 10 such packaged exempt quantities shall be contained in any outer package for transfer to persons exempt pursuant to § 30.18 of this chapter. The outer package shall be such that the dose rate at the external surface of the package does not exceed 0.5 millirem per hour.

(c) The immediate container of each quantity or separately packaged fractional quantity of byproduct material shall bear a durable, legible label which (1) identifies the radioisotope and the quantity of radioactivity, and (2) bears the words "Radioactive Material."

(d) In addition to the labeling information required by paragraph (c) of this section, the label affixed to the immediate container, or an accompanying brochure, shall also (1) state that the contents are exempt from NRC or Agreement State licensing requirements; (2) bear the words "Radioactive Material--Not for Human Use--Introduction Into Foods, Beverages, Cosmetics, Drugs, or Medicinals, or Into Products Manufactured for Commercial Distribution is Prohibited -- Exempt Quantities Should Not be Combined"; and (3) set forth appropriate additional radiation safety precautions and instructions relating to the handling, use, storage, and disposal of the radioactive material.

[35 FR 6428, Apr. 22, 1970]

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