§ 30.33 General requirements for issuance of specific licenses.

(a) An application for a specific license will be approved if:

(1) The application is for a purpose authorized by the Act;

(2) The applicant's proposed equipment and facilities are adequate to protect health and minimize danger to life or property;

(3) The applicant is qualified by training and experience to use the material for the purpose requested in such manner as to protect health and minimize danger to life or property;

(4) The applicant satisfies any special requirements contained in parts 32 through 37 and 39 of this chapter; and

(5) In the case of an application for a license to receive and possess byproduct material for the conduct of any activity which the NRC determines will significantly affect the quality of the environment, the Director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards or his/her designee, before commencement of construction of the plant or facility in which the activity will be conducted, on the basis of information filed and evaluations made pursuant to subpart A of part 51 of this chapter, has concluded, after weighing the environmental, economic, technical, and other benefits against environmental costs and considering available alternatives, that the action called for is the issuance of the proposed license, with any appropriate conditions to protect environmental values. Commencement of construction prior to such conclusion shall be grounds for denial of a license to receive and possess byproduct material in such plant or facility. Commencement of construction as defined in ยง 30.4 may include non-construction activities if the activity has a reasonable nexus to radiological safety and security.

(b) Upon a determination that an application meets the requirements of the Act, and the regulations of the Commission, the Commission will issue a specific license authorizing the possession and use of byproduct material (Form NRC 374, "Byproduct Material License").

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