Subpart O-Inspections, Violations, and Penalties

§ 26.821 Inspections.

(a) Each licensee and other entity who is subject to this part shall permit duly authorized NRC representatives to
inspect, copy, or take away copies of its records and to inspect its premises, activities, and personnel as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of this part.

(b) Written agreements between licensees or other entities and their C/Vs must clearly show that—

(1) The licensee or other entity is responsible to the NRC for maintaining an effective FFD program under this part; and

(2) Duly authorized NRC representatives may inspect, copy, or take away copies of any licensee's, other entity's, or C/V's documents, records, and reports related to implementation of the licensee's or other entity's FFD program under the scope of the contracted activities.

[73 FR 17231 Mar. 31, 2008]

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