§ 26.719 Reporting requirements.

(a) Required reports. Each licensee and entity who is subject to this subpart shall inform the NRC of significant violations of the FFD policy, significant FFD program failures, and errors in drug and alcohol testing. These events must be reported under this section, rather than under the provisions of 10 CFR 73.1200.

(b) Significant FFD policy violations or programmatic failures. The following significant FFD policy violations and programmatic failures must be reported to the NRC Operations Center by telephone within 24 hours after the licensee or other entity discovers the violation:

(1) The use, sale, distribution, possession, or presence of illegal drugs, or the consumption or presence of alcohol within a protected area;

(2) Any acts by any person licensed under 10 CFR part 55 to operate a power reactor, as well as any acts by SSNM transporters, FFD program personnel, or any supervisory personnel who are authorized under this part, if such acts—

(i) Involve the use, sale, or possession of a controlled substance;

(ii) Result in a determination that the individual has violated the licensee's or other entity's FFD policy (including subversion as defined in § 26.5); or

(iii) Involve the consumption of alcohol within a protected area or while performing the duties that require the individual to be subject to the FFD program;

(3) Any intentional act that casts doubt on the integrity of the FFD program; and

(4) Any programmatic failure, degradation, or discovered vulnerability of the FFD program that may permit undetected drug or alcohol use or abuse by individuals within a protected area, or by individuals who are assigned to perform duties that require them to be subject to the FFD program.

(c) Drug and alcohol testing errors. (1) Within 30 days of completing an investigation of any testing errors or unsatisfactory performance discovered in performance testing at either a licensee testing facility or an HHS-certified laboratory, in the testing of quality control or actual specimens, or through the processing of reviews under § 26.39 and MRO reviews under § 26.185, as well as any other errors or matters that could adversely reflect on the integrity of the random selection or testing process, the licensee or other entity shall submit to the NRC a report of the incident and corrective actions taken or planned. If the error involves an HHS-certified laboratory, the NRC shall ensure that HHS is notified of the finding.

(2) If a false positive error occurs on a blind performance test sample submitted to an HHS-certified laboratory, the licensee or other entity shall notify the NRC within 24 hours after discovery of the error.

(3) If a false negative error occurs on a quality assurance check of validity screening tests, as required in § 26.137(b), the licensee or other entity shall notify the NRC within 24 hours after discovery of the error.

(d) Indicators of programmatic weaknesses. Licensees and other entities shall document, trend, and correct non-reportable indicators of FFD programmatic weaknesses under the licensee's or other entity's corrective action program, but may not track or trend drug and alcohol test results in a manner that would permit the identification of any individuals.

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