§ 26.717 Fitness-for-duty program performance data.

(a) Licensees and other entities shall collect and compile FFD program performance data for each FFD program that is subject to this subpart.

(b) The FFD program performance data must include the following information:

(1) The random testing rate;

(2) Drugs for which testing is conducted and cutoff levels, including results of tests using lower cutoff levels, tests for drugs not included in the HHS panel, and any special analyses of dilute specimens permitted under § 26.163(a)(2);

(3) Populations tested (i.e., licensee or other entity employees, C/Vs);

(4) Number of tests administered and results of those tests sorted by population tested (i.e., licensee or other entity employees, C/Vs);

(5) Conditions under which the tests were performed, as defined in § 26.31(c);

(6) Substances identified;

(7) Number of subversion attempts by type;

(8) Summary of management actions; and

(9) The information required under § 26.203(e)(1) and (e)(2).

(c) Licensees and other entities who have a licensee-approved FFD program shall analyze the data at least annually and take appropriate actions to correct any identified program weaknesses. Records of the data, analyses, and corrective actions taken must be retained for at least 3 years or until the completion of any related legal proceedings, whichever is later.

(d) Any licensee or other entity who terminates an individual's authorization or takes administrative action on the basis of the results of a positive initial drug test for marijuana or cocaine shall also report these test results in the annual summary by processing stage (i.e., initial testing at the licensee testing facility, testing at the HHS-certified laboratory, and MRO determinations). The report must also include the number of terminations and administrative actions taken against individuals for the reporting period.

(e) Licensees and other entities shall submit the FFD program performance data (for January through December) to the NRC annually, before March 1 of the following year.

(f) Licensees and other entities may submit the FFD program performance data in a consolidated report, as long as the report presents the data separately for each site.

(g) Each C/V who maintains a licensee-approved drug and alcohol testing program is subject to the reporting requirements of this section and shall submit the required information either directly to the NRC or through the licensees or other entities to whom the C/V provided services during the year. Licensees, other entities, and C/Vs shall share information to ensure that the information is reported completely and is not duplicated in reports submitted to the NRC.

[73 FR 17230 Mar. 31, 2008; 87 FR 71463, Nov. 22, 2022]

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