§ 26.711 General provisions.

(a) Each licensee and other entity shall maintain records and submit certain reports to the NRC. Records that are required by the regulations in this part must be retained for the period specified by the appropriate regulation. If a retention period is not otherwise specified, these records must be retained until the Commission terminates the facility's license, certificate, or other regulatory approval.

(b) All records may be stored and archived electronically, provided that the method used to create the electronic records meets the following criteria:

(1) Provides an accurate representation of the original records;

(2) Prevents the alteration of any archived information and/or data once it has been committed to storage; and

(3) Permits easy retrieval and re-creation of the original records.

(c) The licensees and other entities specified in § 26.3(a) and, as applicable, (c) and (d), shall inform each individual of his or her right to review information about the individual that is collected and maintained under this part to assure its accuracy. Licensees and other entities shall provide the individual with an opportunity to correct any inaccurate or incomplete information that is documented by licensees and other entities about the individual.

(d) Licensees and other entities shall ensure that only correct and complete information about individuals is retained and shared with other licensees and entities. If, for any reason, the shared information used for determining an individual's eligibility for authorization under this part changes or new information is developed about the individual, licensees and other entities shall correct or augment the shared information contained in the records. If the changed or developed information has implications for adversely affecting an individual's eligibility for authorization, a licensee and other entity specified in § 26.3(a) and, as applicable, (c) and (d), who has discovered the incorrect information, or develops new information, shall inform the reviewing official of any FFD program under which the individual is maintaining authorization of the updated information on the day of discovery. The reviewing official shall evaluate the information and take appropriate actions, which may include denial or unfavorable termination of the individual's authorization.

[73 FR 17229 Mar. 31, 2008]

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