§ 26.417 Recordkeeping and reporting.

(a) Licensees and other entities who implement FFD programs under this subpart shall ensure that records pertaining to the administration of the program, which may be stored and archived electronically, are maintained so that they are available for NRC inspection purposes and for any legal proceedings resulting from the administration of the program.

(b) Licensees and other entities shall make the following reports:

(1) Reports to the NRC Operations Center by telephone within 24 hours after the licensee or other entity discovers any intentional act that casts doubt on the integrity of the FFD program and any programmatic failure, degradation, or discovered vulnerability of the FFD program that may permit undetected drug or alcohol use or abuse by individuals who are subject to this subpart. These events must be reported under this subpart, rather than under the provisions of 10 CFR 73.1200; and

(2) Annual program performance reports for the FFD program.

[73 FR 17229 Mar. 31, 2008; 88 FR 15880, Mar. 14, 2023]

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