§ 26.415 Audits.

(a) Licensees and other entities who implement an FFD program under this subpart shall ensure that audits are performed to assure the continuing effectiveness of the FFD program, including FFD program elements that are provided by C/Vs, and the FFD programs of C/Vs that are accepted by the licensee or other entity.

(b) Each licensee and other entity shall ensure that these programs are audited at a frequency that assures their continuing effectiveness and that corrective actions are taken to resolve any problems identified. Licensees and entities may conduct joint audits, or accept audits of C/Vs conducted by others, so long as the audit addresses the relevant C/Vs' services.

(c) Licensees and other entities need not audit HHS-certified laboratories or the specimen collection and alcohol testing services that meet the requirements of 49 CFR Part 40, "Procedures for Department of Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs", on which licensees and other entities may rely to meet the drug and alcohol testing requirements of this subpart.

[73 FR 17229 Mar. 31, 2008; 87 FR 71463, Nov. 22, 2022]

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