§ 26.125 Licensee testing facility personnel.

(a) Each licensee testing facility shall have one or more individuals who are responsible for day-to-day operations and supervision of the testing technicians. The designated individual(s) shall have at least a bachelor's degree in the chemical or biological sciences, medical technology, or equivalent. He or she shall also have training and experience in the theory and practice of the procedures used in the licensee testing facility, and a thorough understanding of quality control practices and procedures, the review, interpretation, and reporting of test results, and proper remedial actions to be taken in response to detection of abnormal test or quality control results.

(b) Other technicians or non-technical staff shall have the necessary training and skills for their assigned tasks. Technicians who perform urine specimen testing shall have documented proficiency in operating the testing instruments and devices used at the licensee testing facility.

(c) Licensee testing facility personnel files must include each individual's resume of training and experience; certification or license, if any; references; job descriptions; records of performance evaluations and advancement; incident reports, if any; results of tests that establish employee competency for the position he or she holds, including, but not limited to, certification that personnel are proficient in conducting testing in accordance with manufacturer's most recent instructions for the instruments and devices used and tests for color blindness; and appropriate data to support determinations of honesty and integrity required by this part.

[73 FR 17203 Mar. 31, 2008]

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