§ 26.107 Collecting a urine specimen.

(a) The collector shall direct the donor to go into the room or stall used for urination, provide a specimen of the quantity that has been predetermined by the licensee or other entity, as defined in § 26.109(a), not flush the toilet, and return with the specimen as soon as the donor has completed the void.

(1) The donor shall provide his or her urine specimen in the privacy of a room, stall, or otherwise partitioned area (private area) that allows for individual privacy, except if a directly observed collection is required, as described in § 26.115;

(2) Except in the case of a directly observed collection, no one may go with the donor into the room or stall in which the donor will provide his or her specimen; and

(3) The collector may set a reasonable time limit for voiding.

(b) The collector shall pay careful attention to the donor during the entire collection process to note any conduct that clearly indicates an attempt to tamper with a specimen (e.g., substitute urine is in plain view or an attempt to bring an adulterant or urine substitute into the private area used for urination). If any such conduct is detected, the collector shall document the conduct on the custody-and-control form and contact FFD program management to determine whether a directly observed collection is required, as described in § 26.115.

(c) After the donor has provided the urine specimen and submitted it to the collector, the donor shall be permitted to wash his or her hands. The collector shall inspect the toilet bowl and room or stall in which the donor voided to identify any evidence of a subversion attempt, and then flush the toilet.

[73 FR 17200 Mar. 31, 2008]

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