§ 26.101 Conducting a confirmatory test for alcohol.

(a) The confirmatory test must begin as soon as possible, but no more than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the initial test.

(b) To complete the confirmatory test, the collector shall—

(1) In the presence of the donor, conduct an air blank on the EBT before beginning the confirmatory test and show the result to the donor;

(2) Verify that the reading is 0.00. If the reading is 0.00, the test may proceed. If not, then conduct another air blank;

(3) If the reading on the second air blank is 0.00, the test may proceed. If the reading is greater than 0.00, take the EBT out of service and proceed with the test using another EBT. If an EBT is taken out of service for this reason, the EBT may not be used for further testing until it is found to be within tolerance limits on an external check of calibration;

(4) Open an individually wrapped or sealed mouthpiece in view of the donor and insert it into the device as required by the manufacturer’s instructions;

(5) Read the unique test number displayed on the EBT, and ensure that the donor reads the same number;

(6) Instruct the donor to blow steadily and forcefully into the mouthpiece for at least 6 seconds or until the device indicates that an adequate amount of breath has been obtained; and

(7) Show the donor the result displayed on or printed by the EBT, record the result, and document the time at which the confirmatory test result was known.

(c) Unless there are problems in administering the breath test that require an additional collection, the collector shall collect only one breath specimen for the confirmatory test. If an additional collection(s) is required because of problems in administering the breath test, the collector shall rely on the breath specimen from the first successful collection to determine the confirmatory test result. Collection procedures may not require collectors to calculate an average or otherwise combine results from two or more breath specimens to determine the confirmatory test result.

(d) If an EBT that meets the requirements of § 26.91(b) and (c) was used for the initial alcohol test, the same EBT may be used for confirmatory testing.

[73 FR 17199 Mar. 31, 2008]

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