§ 26.95 Conducting an initial test for alcohol using a breath specimen.

(a) The collector shall perform the initial breath test as soon as practical after the donor indicates that he or she has not engaged in the activities listed in § 26.93(a)(1) or after the 15-minute waiting period has elapsed, if required.

(b) To perform the initial test, the collector shall—

(1) Select, or allow the donor to select, an individually wrapped or sealed mouthpiece from the testing materials;

(2) Open the individually wrapped or sealed mouthpiece in view of the donor and insert it into the device as required by the manufacturer’s instructions;

(3) Instruct the donor to blow steadily and forcefully into the mouthpiece for at least 6 seconds or until the device indicates that an adequate amount of breath has been obtained;

(4) Show the donor the displayed or printed test result; and

(5) Ensure that the test result record can be associated with the donor and is maintained secure.

(c) Unless problems in administering the breath test require an additional collection, only one breath specimen may be collected for the initial test. If an additional collection(s) is required, the collector shall rely on the test result from the first successful collection to determine the need for confirmatory testing.

[73 FR 17198 Mar. 31, 2008]

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