§ 25.33 Termination of access authorizations.

(a) Access authorizations will be terminated when:

(1) An access authorization is no longer required;

(2) An individual is separated from the employment or the activity for which he or she obtained an access authorization for a period of 90 days or more; or

(3) An individual, pursuant to 10 CFR part 10 or other CSA-approved adjudicatory standards, is no longer eligible for an access authorization.

(b) A representative of the licensee or other organization that employs the individual whose access authorization will be terminated shall immediately notify the CSA when the circumstances noted in paragraph (a)(1) or (a)(2) of this section exist; inform the individual that his or her access authorization is being terminated, and the reason; and that he or she will be considered for reinstatement of an access authorization if he or she resumes work requiring the authorization.

(c) When an access authorization is to be terminated, a representative of the licensee or other organization shall conduct a security termination briefing of the individual involved, explain the Security Termination Statement (NRC Form 136 or CSA approved form) and have the individual complete the form. The representative shall promptly forward the original copy of the completed Security Termination Statement to CSA.

[62 FR 17689, Apr. 11, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 15649]

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