§ 25.31 Extensions and transfers of access authorizations.

(a) The NRC Division of Facilities and Security may, on request, extend the authorization of an individual who possesses an access authorization in connection with a particular employer or activity to permit access to classified information in connection with an assignment with another employer or activity.

(b) The NRC Division of Facilities and Security may, on request, transfer an access authorization when an individual's access authorization under one employer or activity is terminated, simultaneously with the individual being granted an access authorization for another employer or activity.

(c) Requests for an extension or transfer of an access authorization must state the full name of the person, date of birth, and level of access authorization. The Director, Division of Facilities and Security, may require a new personnel security packet (see § 25.17(c)) to be completed by the applicant. A fee, equal to the amount paid for an initial request, will be charged only if a new or updating investigation by the NRC is required.

(d) The date of an extension or transfer of access authorization may not be used to determine when a request for renewal of access authorization is required. Access authorization renewal requests must be timely submitted, in accordance with § 25.21(c).

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