§ 25.27 Reopening of cases in which requests for access authorizations are cancelled.

(a) In conjunction with a new request for access authorization (NRC Form 237 or CSA equivalent) for individuals whose cases were previously canceled, new fingerprint cards (FD09257) in duplicate and a new Security Acknowledgment (NRC Form 176), or CSA equivalents, must be furnished to the CSA along with the request.

(b) Additionally, if 90 days or more have elapsed since the date of the last Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF-86), or CSA equivalent, the individual must complete a personnel security packet (see ยง 25.17(d)). The CSA, based on investigative or other needs, may require a complete personnel security packet in other cases as well. A fee, equal to the amount paid for an initial request, will be charged only if a new or updating investigation by the NRC is required.

[62 FR 17689, Apr. 11, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 15648, Apr. 1, 1999]

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