§ 25.23 Notification of grant of access authorization.

The determination to grant or renew access authorization will be furnished in writing to the licensee or organization that initiated the request. Upon receipt of the notification of original grant of access authorization, the licensee or organization shall obtain, as a condition for grant of access authorization and access to classified information, an executed "Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement" (SF-312) from the affected individual. The SF-312 is an agreement between the United States and an individual who is cleared for access to classified information. An employee issued an initial access authorization shall execute a SF-312 before being granted access to classified information. The licensee or other organization shall forward the executed SF-312 to the CSA for retention. If the employee refuses to execute the SF-312, the licensee or other organization shall deny the employee access to classified information and submit a report to the CSA. The SF-312 must be signed and dated by the employee and witnessed. The employee's and witness' signatures must bear the same date. The individual shall also be given a security orientation briefing in accordance with ยง 95.33 of this chapter. Records of access authorization grant and renewal notification must be maintained by the licensee or other organization for three years after the access authorization has been terminated by the CSA. This information may also be furnished to other representatives of the Commission, to licensees, contractors, or other Federal agencies. Notifications of access authorization will not be given in writing to the affected individual except:

(a) In those cases when the determination was made as a result of a Personnel Security Hearing or by a Personnel Security Review Panel ; or

(b) When the individual also is the official designated by the licensee or other organization to whom written NRC notifications are forwarded.

[62 FR 17688, Apr. 11, 1997, as amended at 64 FR 15648, Apr. 1, 1999]

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