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§ 25.17 Approval for processing applicants for access authorization.

(a) Access authorizations must be requested for licensee employees or other persons (e.g., 10 CFR part 2, subpart I) who need access to classified information in connection with activities under 10 CFR parts 50, 52, 54, 60, 63, 70, 72, or 76.

(b) The request must be submitted to the facility CSA. If the NRC is the CSA, the procedures in § 25.17 (c) and (d) will be followed. If the NRC is not the CSA, the request will be submitted to the CSA in accordance with procedures established by the CSA. The NRC will be notified of the request by a letter that includes the name, Social Security number and level of access authorization.

(c) The request must include a completed personnel security packet (see § 25.17(d)) and request form (NRC Form 237) signed by a licensee, licensee contractor official, or other authorized person.

(d)(1) Each personnel security packet submitted must include the following completed forms:

(i) Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF-86, Parts 1 and 2) (Part 2 is to be completed by the applicant and placed in a sealed envelope which is to be forwarded to NRC unopened. No licensee, licensee contractor official, or other person at a facility is permitted to review Part 2 information);

(ii) Two standard fingerprint cards (FD-258);

(iii) Security Acknowledgment (NRC Form 176); and

(iv) Other related forms where specified in accompanying instructions (NRC Form 254).

(2) Only a Security Acknowledgment (NRC Form 176) need be completed by any person possessing an active access authorization, or who is being processed for an access authorization, by another Federal agency. The active or pending access authorization must be at an equivalent level to that required by the NRC and be based on an adequate investigation not more than five years old.

(e) To avoid delays in processing requests for access authorizations, each security packet should be reviewed for completeness and correctness (including legibility of response on the forms) before submittal.

(f) The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) bills the NRC for the cost of each background investigation conducted in support of an application for access authorization (application). The combined cost of the OPM investigation and the NRC’s application processing overhead (NRC processing fee) are recovered through an access authorization fee imposed on applicants for access authorization.

(1) Each application for access authorization, renewal, or change in level must be accompanied by a remittance, payable to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is equal to the NRC access authorization fee. This fee must be determined using the following formula: the OPM investigation billing rates on the day of NRC receipt of the application + the NRC processing fee = the NRC access authorization fee. The NRC processing fee is determined by multiplying the OPM investigation billing rate on the day of NRC receipt of the application by 55.8 percent (i.e., OPM rate × 55.8 percent).

(2) Updated OPM investigation billing rates are published periodically in a Federal Investigations Notice (FIN) issued by the OPM ’s Federal Investigative Services. Copies of the current OPM investigation billing rates schedule can be obtained by contacting the NRC’s Personnel Security Branch, Division of Facilities Security, Office of Administration by email to Licensee_Access_Authorization_Fee.Resource@nrc.gov.

(3) The NRC’s Information Access Authority Program (IAAP) is considered reimbursable work representing services provided to an organization for which the NRC is entitled payment. The NRC is authorized to receive and retain fees from licensees for services performed. The NRC’s Office of the Chief Financial Officer periodically reviews the fees charged for IAAP and makes recommendations on revising those charges to reflect costs incurred by the NRC in providing those services. The reviews are performed using cost analysis techniques to determine the direct and indirect costs. Based on this review the IAAP fees are adjusted to reflect the current cost for the program. Copies of the current NRC access authorization fee may be obtained by contacting the NRC’s Personnel Security Branch, Division of Facilities Security, Office of Administration by email to: Licensee_Access_Authorization_Fee.Resource@nrc.gov. Any change in the NRC’s access authorization fee will be applicable to each access authorization request received on or after the effective date of the OPM’s most recently published investigation billing rates schedule.

(4) Certain applications from individuals having current Federal access authorizations may be processed more expeditiously and at less cost, because the Commission, at its discretion, may decide to accept the certification of access authorization and investigative data from other Federal Government agencies that grant personnel access authorizations.

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