§ 20.2004 Treatment or disposal by incineration.

(a) A licensee may treat or dispose of licensed material by incineration only:

(1) As authorized by paragraph (b) of this section; or

(2) If the material is in a form and concentration specified in § 20.2005; or

(3) As specifically approved by the Commission pursuant to § 20.2002.

(b) (1) Waste oils (petroleum derived or synthetic oils used principally as lubricants, coolants, hydraulic or insulating fluids, or metalworking oils) that have been radioactively contaminated in the course of the operation or maintenance of a nuclear power reactor licensed under part 50 of this chapter may be incinerated on the site where generated provided that the total radioactive effluents from the facility, including the effluents from such incineration, conform to the requirements of appendix I to part 50 of this chapter and the effluent release limits contained in applicable license conditions other than effluent limits specifically related to incineration of waste oil. The licensee shall report any changes or additions to the information supplied under §§ 50.34 and 50.34a of this chapter associated with this incineration pursuant to § 50.71 of this chapter, as appropriate. The licensee shall also follow the procedures of § 50.59 of this chapter with respect to such changes to the facility or procedures.

(2) Solid residues produced in the process of incinerating waste oils must be disposed of as provided by § 20.2001.

(3) The provisions of this section authorize onsite waste oil incineration under the terms of this section and supersede any provision in an individual plant license or technical specification that may be inconsistent.

[57 FR 57656, Dec. 7, 1992]

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