§ 20.1903 Exceptions to posting requirements.

(a) A licensee is not required to post caution signs in areas or rooms containing radioactive materials for periods of less than 8 hours, if each of the following conditions is met:

(1) The materials are constantly attended during these periods by an individual who takes the precautions necessary to prevent the exposure of individuals to radiation or radioactive materials in excess of the limits established in this part; and

(2) The area or room is subject to the licensee's control.

(b) Rooms or other areas in hospitals that are occupied by patients are not required to be posted with caution signs pursuant to § 20.1902 provided that the patient could be released from licensee control pursuant to § 35.75 of this chapter.

(c) A room or area is not required to be posted with a caution sign because of the presence of a sealed source provided the radiation level at 30 centimeters from the surface of the source container or housing does not exceed 0.005 rem (0.05 mSv) per hour.

(d) Rooms in hospitals or clinics that are used for teletherapy are exempt from the requirement to post caution signs under § 20.1902 if—

(1) Access to the room is controlled pursuant to 10 CFR 35.615; and

(2) Personnel in attendance take necessary precautions to prevent the inadvertent exposure of workers, other patients, and members of the public to radiation in excess of the limits established in this part.

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