§ 15.67 Referral to the Department of Justice.

(a) Unless excepted by DOJ, the NRC shall complete the CCLR accompanied by a Certificate of Indebtedness, to refer all administratively uncollectible claims to the DOJ for litigation.

(b) The NRC shall indicate the actions it wishes DOJ to take regarding the referred claim on the CCLR.

(c) Before referring a debt to DOJ for litigation, the NRC shall notify each person determined to be liable for the debt that, unless the debt can be collected administratively, litigation may be initiated. This notification must comply with Executive Order 12988 (3 CFR, 1996 Comp., pp 157-163) and may be given as part of a demand letter or as a separate document.

(d) The NRC shall preserve all files and records that DOJ may need to prove the claim in court.

(e) The NRC may ordinarily not refer for litigation claims of less than $2,500, exclusive of interest, penalties, and administrative charges, or such other amount as the Attorney General shall from time to time prescribe.

(f) The NRC may not refer claims of less than the minimum amount unless:

(1) Litigation to collect a smaller claim is important to ensure compliance with NRC's policies and programs;

(2) The claim is being referred solely to secure a judgment against the debtor, which will be filed as a lien against the debtor's property under 28 U.S.C. 3201 and returned to the NRC for enforcement, or

(3) The debtor has the clear ability to pay the claim, and the Government effectively can enforce payment, with due regard for the exemptions available to the debtor under state and Federal law and the judicial remedies available to the Government.

[67 FR 30324, May 6, 2002]

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