Subpart C—Compromise of a Claim

§ 15.41 When a claim may be compromised.

(a) The NRC may compromise a claim not in excess of the monetary limitation if it has not been referred to DOJ for litigation.

(b) Unless otherwise provided by law, when the principal balance of a debt, exclusive of interest, penalties, and administrative costs, exceeds $100,000 or any higher amount authorized by the Attorney General, the authority to accept the compromise rests with the DOJ. The NRC will evaluate the compromise offer, using the factors set forth in this part. If an offer to compromise any debt in excess of $100,000 is acceptable to the NRC, the NRC shall refer the debt to the Civil Division or other appropriate litigating division in the DOJ using a CCLR. The referral must include appropriate financial information and a recommendation for the acceptance of the compromise offer. DOJ approval is not required if the compromise offer is rejected by NRC.

[67 FR 30322, May 6, 2002]

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