§ 15.35 Payments.

(a) Payment in full. The NRC shall make every effort to collect a claim in full before it becomes delinquent. If a claim is paid in one lump sum after it becomes delinquent, the NRC shall impose charges for interest, penalties, and administrative costs as specified in ยง 15.37.

(b) Payment in installment. If a debtor furnishes satisfactory evidence of inability to pay a claim in one lump sum, payment in regular installments may be arranged. Evidence may consist of a financial statement or a signed statement that the debtor's application for a loan to enable the debtor to pay the claim in full was rejected. Except for a claim described in 5 U.S.C. 5514 and codified in 10 CFR part 16, all installment payment arrangements must be in writing and require the payment of interest and administrative charges.

(1) Installment note forms may be used. The written installment agreement must contain a provision accelerating the debt payment in the event the debtor defaults. If the debtor's financial statement discloses the ownership of assets which are free and clear of liens or security interests, or assets in which the debtor owns an equity, the debtor may be asked to secure the payment of an installment note by executing a Security Agreement and Financing Statement transferring to the United States a security interest in the asset until the debt is discharged.

(2) If the debtor owes more than one debt, the NRC will apply the payment to the various debts in accordance with the best interests of the United States, as determined by the facts and circumstances of the particular case.

(c) To whom payment is made. Payment of a debt is made by check, electronic transfer, draft, credit card, or money order and should be payable to the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, License Fee and Accounts Receivable Branch, P.O. Box 954514, St. Louis, MO. 63195-4514, unless payment is--

(1) Made pursuant to arrangements with DOJ;

(2) Ordered by a Court of the United States; or

(3) Otherwise directed in any other part of this chapter.

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