§ 15.31 Disputed debts.

(a) A debtor who disputes a debt shall explain why the debt is incorrect in fact or in law within 30 days from the date that the initial demand letter was mailed or hand-delivered. The debtor may support the explanation by affidavits, cancelled checks, or other relevant evidence.

(b) If the debtor's arguments appear to have merit, the NRC may extend the interest waiver period as described in ยง 15.37(j) pending a final determination of the existence or amount of the debt.

(c) The NRC may investigate the facts involved in the dispute and, if it considers it necessary, arrange for a conference at which the debtor may present evidence and any arguments in support of the debtor's position.

[47 FR 76716, Feb. 22, 1982, as amended at 55 FR 32379, Aug. 9, 1990]

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