§ 15.26 Reporting claims.

(a) In addition to assessing interest, penalties, and administrative costs under § 15.37, the NRC may report a debt that has been delinquent for 90 days to a consumer reporting agency if all the conditions of this paragraph are met.

(1) The debtor has not—

(i) Paid or agreed to pay the debt under a written payment plan that has been signed by the debtor and agreed to by the NRC; or

(ii) Filed for review of the debt under § 15.26 (a)(2)(iv).

(2) The NRC has included a notification in the second written demand (see § 15.21(b)) to the individual debtor stating—

(i) That the payment of the debt is delinquent;

(ii) That within not less than 60 days after the date of the notification, the NRC intends to disclose to a consumer reporting agency that the individual debtor is responsible for the debt;

(iii) The specific information to be disclosed to the consumer reporting agency; and

(iv) That the debtor has a right to a complete explanation of the debt (if that has not already been given), to dispute information in NRC records about the debt, and to request reconsideration of the debt by administrative appeal or review of the debt.

(3) The NRC has reconsidered its initial decision on the debt when the debtor has requested a review under paragraph (a)(2)(iv) of this section.

(4) The NRC has taken reasonable action to locate a debtor for whom the NRC does not have a current address to send the notification provided for in paragraph (a)(2) of this section.

(b) If there is a substantial change in the condition or amount of the debt, the NRC shall—

(1) Promptly disclose that fact(s) to each consumer reporting agency to which the original disclosure was made;

(2) Promptly verify or correct information about a debt on request of a consumer reporting agency for verification of information disclosed by the NRC; and,

(3) Obtain assurances from the consumer reporting agency that the agency is complying with all applicable Federal, state and local laws relating to its use of consumer credit information.

(c) The information the NRC discloses to the consumer reporting agency is limited to—

(1) Information necessary to establish the identity of the individual debtor, including name, address, and taxpayer identification number;

(2) The amount, status, and history of the debt; and

(3) The NRC activity under which the debt arose.

[55 FR 32378, Aug. 9, 1990 as amended at 67 FR 30319, May 6, 2002]

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