Subpart A—Application and Coverage

§ 15.1 Application.

(a) This part applies to claims for the payment of debts owed to the United States Government in the form of money or property and; unless a different procedure is specified in a statute, regulation, or contract; prescribes procedures by which the NRC—

(1) Collects, compromises, suspends, offsets, and terminates collection actions for claims;

(2) Determines and collects interest and other charges on these claims; and

(3) Refers unpaid claims over 180 days delinquent to Treasury for offset and collection and to the DOJ for litigation.

(b) The following are examples of kinds of debts to which special statutory and administrative procedures apply:

(1) A claim against an employee for erroneous payment of pay and allowances subject to waiver under 5 U.S.C. 5584 are covered by the provisions of 10 CFR part 16.

(2) A claim against an applicant for, or a holder or former holder of, an NRC license involving the payment of civil penalties imposed by the NRC under 10 CFR 2.205.

(3) A claim involved in a case pending before any Federal Contract Appeals Board or Grant Appeals Board. However, nothing in this part prevents negotiation and settlement of a claim pending before a Board.

(c) The NRC is not limited to collection remedies contained in the revised Federal Claims Collection Standards (FCCS). The FCCS is not intended to impair common law remedies.

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