Subpart D—Employee Drivers

§ 14.51 Procedures when employee drivers are sued.

(a) Any NRC employee against whom a civil action or proceeding is brought for damage to property, or for personal injury or death, on account of the employee's operation of a motor vehicle in the scope of his or her office or employment with the NRC, shall promptly deliver all process and pleadings served upon the employee, or an attested true copy, to the Office of the General Counsel. If the action is brought against an employee's estate, this procedure applies to the employee's personal representative.

(b) In addition, upon the employee's receipt of any process or pleadings, or any prior information regarding the commencement of a civil action or proceeding, the employee shall immediately advise the Office of the General Counsel by telephone or telegraph.

(c) [removed]

[47 FR 8983, Mar. 3, 1982, as amended at 51 FR 35999, Oct. 8, 1986]

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