§ 10.29 Recommendation of the Hearing Examiner.

(a) The Hearing Examiner's findings and recommendation shall be based upon the entire record consisting of the transcript of the hearing, the documentary and other evidence adduced therein, and the letter of notification and answer. The Hearing Examiner shall also consider the circumstances of the receipt of evidence pursuant to ยง 10.28, the individual's record of past employment, and the nature and sensitivity of the job the individual is or may be expected to perform.

(b) The Hearing Examiner shall make specific findings on each allegation in the notification letter including the reasons for his or her findings, and shall make a recommendation as to the action which should be taken in the case.

(c) The Hearing Examiner's recommendation shall be predicated upon his or her findings. If, after considering all the factors in light of the criteria in this part, the Hearing Examiner is of the opinion that granting or continuing access authorization and/or employment clearance to the individual will not endanger the common defense and security and will be clearly consistent with the national interest, a favorable recommendation shall be made; otherwise, an adverse recommendation shall be made.

(d) The Hearing Examiner shall submit his or her findings and recommendation in a signed report together with the record of the case to the Director, Office Administration, with the least practical delay.

(e) The Hearing Examiner shall not consider the possible impact of the loss of the individual's services upon the NRC program.

[47 FR 38676, Sept. 2, 1982, as amended at 52 FR 31609, Aug. 21, 1987; 54 FR 53316, Dec. 28, 1989]

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