NRC Procedures for Processing Requests

ยง 9.60 Acknowledgement of requests.

(a) Written requests by individuals to verify the existence of, obtain access to or correct or amend records about themselves maintained by NRC in a system of records subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974, shall be acknowledged in writing by the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act Officer, within ten working days after date of actual receipt. The acknowledgement shall advise the requestor if any additional information is needed to process the request. Wherever practicable, the acknowledgement shall notify the individual whether his or her request to obtain access to the record or to correct or amend the record has been granted or denied.

(b) When an individual requests access to records or permission to correct or amend records in person, every effort will be made to make an immediate determination as to whether access or correction or amendment should be granted. If an immediate determination cannot be made, the request will be processed in the same manner as a written request. Records will be made available for immediate inspection whenever possible.

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