§ 9.33 Search, review, and special service fees.

(a) The NRC charges fees for—

(1) Search, duplication, and review, when agency records are requested for commercial use;

(2) Duplication of agency records provided in excess of 100 pages when agency records are not sought for commercial use and the request is made by an educational or noncommercial scientific institution, or a representative of the news media;

(3) Search time that exceeds two hours and duplication of agency records of more than 100 pages for requests from all other categories of requesters not described in paragraphs (a)(1) and (a)(2) of this section;

(4) The direct costs of searching for agency records. The NRC will assess fees even when no agency records are located as a result of the search or when agency records that are located as a result of the search are not disclosed; and

(5) Computer searches which includes the cost of operating the Central Processing Unit for the portion of operating time that is directly attributable to searching for agency records plus the operator/programmer salary apportionable to the search.

(b) The NRC may charge requesters who request the following services for the direct costs of the service:

(1) Certifying that records are true copies;

(2) Sending records by special methods, such as express mail, package delivery service, courier, and other means other than first class mail; or

(3) Producing or converting records to formats specified by a requester other than ordinary copying processes that are readily available in NRC.

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