§ 7.16 Annual comprehensive review.

(a) The Chairman of the Commission shall conduct an annual comprehensive review of the activities and responsibilities of each NRC advisory committee to determine whether the committee—

(1) Is carrying out its purposes or, consistent with the provisions of applicable statutes, its responsibilities should be revised.

(2) Should be merged with another advisory committee.

(3) Should be terminated.

(b) The comprehensive review required by paragraph (a) of this section shall include consideration of such information regarding the committee as is required for the Commission's annual report to the GSA Secretariat pursuant to § 7.17(a) and such other information as may be requested from the Committee by the NRC Advisory Committee Management Officer. The results of such review shall be included in the annual report to the GSA Secretariat.

(c) If, as a result of the review required by this section, the Commission determines that an advisory committee is no longer needed, the committee shall be terminated; except that in the case of an advisory committee established by an Act of Congress or the President, the committee's termination shall be recommended to the President or the Congress, as the case may be.

[67 FR 79842, Dec. 31, 2002]

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