§ 7.13 Minutes of advisory committee meetings.

(a) Detailed minutes shall be kept of each NRC advisory committee meeting. The minutes shall include the following information:

(1) The time, date, and place of the meeting;

(2) A list of the attendees at the meeting who are advisory committee members or staff, agency employees, or members of the public who presented oral or written statements;

(3) An estimate of the number of other members of the public who were present;

(4) The extent of public participation; and

(5) An accurate description of each matter discussed during the meeting and its resolution, if any, by the committee.

(b) The minutes of an NRC advisory committee meeting shall include a copy of each report or other document received, issued, or approved by the committee in connection with the meeting. If it is impracticable to attach a document to the minutes, the minutes shall describe the document in sufficient detail to permit it to be identified readily.

(c) The chairperson of an NRC advisory committee shall certify to the accuracy of the minutes of each of the committee's meetings. In the case of a subgroup of an advisory committee, the chairperson of the subgroup shall certify to the accuracy of the minutes.

(d) A verbatim transcript of an advisory committee meeting may be substituted for minutes required by this section, providing that the use of such a transcript is in accordance with the requirements of paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) of this section.

[67 FR 79842, Dec. 31, 2002]

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