§ 7.11 The Designated Federal Officer.

(a) The Chairman of the Commission or designee shall appoint a Designated Federal Officer or alternate Designated Federal Officer for each NRC advisory committee. The individual holding either position must be employed by the Federal Government on either a full-time or a permanent part-time basis.

(b) All meetings of an NRC advisory committee must be convened or approved by the committee's Designated Federal Officer or alternate, and the agenda for each committee meeting (except a meeting of a Presidential advisory committee) must be approved by that individual.

(c) An NRC advisory committee may not hold a meeting in the absence of its Designated Federal Officer or alternate.

(d) It shall also be the responsibility of the Designated Federal Officer or alternate to:

(1) Attend all meetings of the committee for which he or she has been appointed;

(2) Adjourn the meetings of the committee when such adjournment is in the public interest;

(3) Chair the meetings of the committee when so directed by the Commission;

(4) Ensure compliance with the requirements of § 7.13 regarding minutes of meetings of the committee; and

(5) Make copies of committee documents required to be maintained for public inspection and copying pursuant to § 7.14(b) and ensure their availability at the NRC Web site, http://www.nrc.gov, at the NRC Public Document Room, or both.

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