Appendix A to Part 4—Federal Financial Assistance to Which This Part Applies*



(a) Conferences on regulatory programs. Agreements for financial assistance to State officials, without full-cost recovery, for visits to NRC facilities and offices or to other locations to confer on regulatory programs and related matters.

(b) Orientation and instruction. Agreements for assistance to State and local officials, without full-cost recovery, to receive orientation and on-the-job instruction at NRC facilities and offices.

(c) Courses in fundamentals of radiation. Agreements for the conduct of courses for State and local employees, without full-cost recovery, in fundamentals of radiation and radiation protection.

(d) Participation in meetings and conferences. Agreements for participation, without full-cost recovery, in meetings, conferences, workshops, and symposia to assist scientific, professional or educational institutions or groups.

(e) Research Support. Agreements for the financial support of basic and applied scientific research and for the exchange of scientific information.

[29 FR 19277, Dec. 31, 1964, as amended at 38 FR 17929, July 5, 1973; 40 FR 8778, Mar. 3, 1975; 45 FR 14539, Mar. 6, 1980; 52 FR 25361, July 7, 1987]

1Categories of assistance may be added to Appendix A from time to time by notice published in the Federal Register. This part shall be deemed to apply to all grants, loans or contracts entered into under any such category of assistance on or after the effective date of the inclusion of the category of assistance in Appendix A.

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