§ 4.32 Compliance reports.

(a) Each recipient shall keep records and submit to the responsible NRC official, timely, complete, and accurate compliance reports at the times and in the form and containing the information that the responsible NRC official may determine to be necessary to enable the official to ascertain whether the recipient has complied or is complying with this subpart.

(b) In the case in which a primary recipient extends Federal financial assistance to any other recipient, the other recipient shall also submit necessary compliance reports to the primary recipient to enable the primary recipient to carry out its obligations under this subpart.

(c) The primary recipient shall retain each record of information needed to complete a compliance report pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section for three years or as long as the primary recipient retains the status of primary recipient as defined in ยง 4.4, whichever is shorter.

[53 FR 19244, May 27, 1988; 68 FR 51345, Aug. 26, 2003]

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