Appendix D to Part 2—Schedule for the Proceeding on Consideration of Construction Authorization for a High-Level Waste Geologic Repository

Day Regulation (10 CFR) Action
0 2.101(f)(8), 2.105(a)(5) Federal Register Notice of Hearing.
30 2.309(b)(2) Petition to intervene/request for hearing, w/contentions.
30 2.309(b)(2) Petition for status as interested government participant.
55 2.315(c) Answers to intervention & interested government participant Petitions.
62 2.309(h)(1) Petitioner's response to answers.
70 2.1021 First Prehearing conference.
100 2.309(h)(2) First Prehearing Conference Order identifying participants in proceeding, admitted contentions, and setting discovery and other schedules.
110 2.1021 Appeals from First Prehearing Conference Order.
120   Briefs in opposition to appeals.
150 2.1021, 2.329 Commission ruling on appeals for First Prehearing Conference Order.
548   NRC staff issues SER.
578 2.1022 Second Prehearing Conference.
608 2.1021, 2.1022 Discovery complete; Second Prehearing Conference Order finalizes issues for hearing and sets schedule for prefiled testimony and hearing.
618 2.1015(b) Appeals from Second Prehearing Conference Order.
628 2.1015(b), c.f. 2.710(a) Briefs in opposition to appeals; last date for filing motions for summary disposition.
648 c.f. 2.710(a) Late date for responses to summary disposition motions.
658 2.710(a) Commission ruling on appeals from Second Prehearing Conference Order; last date for party opposing summary disposition motion to file response to new facts and arguments in any response supporting summary disposition motion.
698 2.1015(b) Decision on summary disposition motions (may be determination to dismiss or to hold in abeyance).
720 c.f. 2.710(a) Evidentiary hearing begins.
810   Evidentiary hearing ends.
840 2.712(a)(1) Applicant's proposed findings.
850 2.712(a)(2) Other parties' proposed findings.
855 2.712(a)(3) Applicant's reply to other parties' proposed findings.
955 2.713 Initial decision.
965 2.342(a), 2.345(a), 2.1015(c)(1) Stay motion. Petition for reconsideration, notice of appeal.
975 2.342(d), 2.345(b) Other parties' response to stay motion and Petitions for reconsideration.
985   Commission ruling on stay motion.
995 2.1015(c)(2) Appellant's briefs.
1015 2.1015(c)(3) Appellee's briefs.
1055 2.1023 Supp. Info Completion of NMSS and Commission supervisory review; issuance of construction authorization; NWPA 3-year period tolled.
1125   Commission decision

[56 FR 7798, Feb. 26, 1991; 56 FR 14151, Apr. 5, 1991; 69 FR 2275, Jan. 14, 2004; 69 FR 25997, May 11, 2004]

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