§ 2.1508 Recommendation of presiding officer.

(a) If the Commission is not acting as a presiding officer, the presiding officer shall, within thirty (30) days following the close of the legislative hearing record, certify the record to the Commission on each of the issues identified by the Commission.

(b) The presiding officer's certification for each Commission-identified issue shall contain:

(1) A transcript of the oral phase of the legislative hearing;

(2) A list of all participants;

(3) A list of all witnesses at the oral hearing, and their affiliation with a participant;

(4) A list, and copies of, all documentary information submitted by the participants with ADAMS accession numbers;

(5) All demonstrative information submitted by the participants;

(6) Any written answers submitted by the NRC staff in response to questions posed by the presiding officer with ADAMS accession numbers;

(7) A certification that all documentary information has been entered into ADAMS, and have been placed on the NRC Web site unless otherwise protected from public disclosure;

(8) A certification by the presiding officer that the record contains sufficient information for the Commission to make a reasoned determination on the Commission-identified issue; and

(9) At the option of the presiding officer, a summary of the information in the record and a proposed resolution of the Commission-identified issue with a supporting basis.

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