§ 2.1402 General procedures and limitations; requests for other procedures.

(a) Generally-applicable procedures. For proceedings conducted under this subpart:

(1) Except where provided otherwise in this subpart or specifically requested by the presiding officer or the Commission, written pleadings and briefs (regardless of whether they are in the form of a letter, a formal legal submission, or otherwise) are not permitted;

(2) Requests to schedule a conference to consider oral motions may be in writing and served on the presiding officer and the parties;

(3) Motions for summary disposition before the hearing has concluded and motions for reconsideration to the presiding officer or the Commission are not permitted;

(4) All motions must be presented and argued orally;

(5) The presiding officer will reflect all rulings on motions and other requests from the parties in a written decision. A verbatim transcript of oral rulings satisfies this requirement;

(6) Except for the information disclosure requirements set forth in subpart C of this part, requests for discovery will not be entertained; and

(7) The presiding officer may issue written orders and rulings necessary for the orderly and effective conduct of the proceeding;

(b) Other procedures. If it becomes apparent at any time before a hearing is held that a proceeding selected for adjudication under this subpart is not appropriate for application of this subpart, the presiding officer or the Commission may, on its own motion or at the request of a party, order the proceeding to continue under another appropriate subpart. If a proceeding under this subpart is discontinued because the proceeding is not appropriate for application of this subpart, the presiding officer may issue written orders necessary for the orderly continuation of the hearing process under another subpart.

(c) Request for cross-examination. A party may present an oral motion to the presiding officer to permit cross-examination by the parties on particular admitted contentions or issues. The presiding officer may allow cross-examination by the parties if he or she determines that cross-examination by the parties is necessary for the development of an adequate record for decision.

[77 FR 46587, Aug. 3, 2012]

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