§ 2.1109 Requests for oral argument.

(a)(1) In its request for hearing/petition to intervene filed in accordance with § 2.309 or in the applicant's or the NRC staff's response to a request for a hearing/petition to intervene, any party may invoke the hybrid hearing procedures in this Subpart by requesting an oral argument. If it is determined that a hearing will be held, the presiding officer shall grant a timely request for oral argument.

(2) The presiding officer may grant an untimely request for oral argument only upon a showing of good cause by the requesting party for failure to file on time and after providing the other parties an opportunity to respond to the untimely request.

(b) The presiding officer shall issue a written order ruling on any requests for oral argument. If the presiding officer grants a request for oral argument, the order shall include a schedule for discovery and subsequent oral argument with respect to the admitted contentions.

(c) If no party to the proceeding requests oral argument, or if all untimely requests for oral argument are denied, the presiding officer shall conduct the proceeding in accordance with the subpart under which the proceeding was initially conducted as determined in accordance with § 2.310.

[69 FR 2267, Jan. 14, 2004]

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