§ 2.1107 Notice of proposed action.

In connection with each application filed after January 7, 1983, for a license or an amendment to a license to expand the spent nuclear fuel storage capacity at the site of a civilian nuclear power plant, for which the Commission has not found that a hearing is required in the public interest, for which an adjudicatory hearing has not yet been convened, and for which a notice of proposed action has not yet been published as of the effective date of this subpart, the Commission will, prior to acting thereon, cause to be published in the Federal Register a notice of proposed action in accordance with § 2.105. The notice of proposed action will identify the availability of the hybrid hearing procedures in this subpart, specify that any party may invoke these procedures by filing a timely request for oral argument under § 2.1109, and provide that if a request for oral argument is granted, any hearing held on the application shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures in this subpart.

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