§ 2.1005 Exclusions.

The following material is excluded from the requirement to provide electronic access, either pursuant to § 2.1003, or through derivative discovery pursuant to § 2.1019(i)—

(a) Official notice materials;

(b) Reference books and text books;

(c) Material pertaining exclusively to administration, such as material related to budgets, financial management, personnel, office space, general distribution memoranda, or procurement, except for the scope of work on a procurement related to repository siting, construction, or operation, or to the transportation of spent nuclear fuel or high-level waste;

(d) Press clippings and press releases;

(e) Junk mail;

(f) References cited in contractor reports that are readily available;

(g) Classified material subject to subpart I of this part;

(h) Readily available references, such as journal articles and proceedings, which may be subject to copyright.

(i) Correspondence between a potential party, interested governmental participant, or party and the Congress of the United States.

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