§ 2.908 Contents of notice of intent to introduce restricted data or other national security information.

(a) A party who intends to introduce Restricted Data or other National Security Information shall file a notice of intent with the Secretary. The notice shall be unclassified and, to the extent consistent with classification requirements, shall include the following:

(1) The subject matter of the Restricted Data or other National Security Information which it is anticipated will be involved;

(2) The highest level of classification of the information (confidential, secret, or other);

(3) The stage of the proceeding at which he anticipates a need to introduce the information; and

(4) The relevance and materiality of the information to the issues on the proceeding.

(b) In the discretion of the presiding officer, such notice, when required by ยง 2.907(c), may be given orally on the record.

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