§ 2.817 Withdrawal of application.

(a) The Commission may permit an applicant to withdraw an application for a standard design certification before the issuance of a notice of proposed rulemaking on such terms and conditions as the Commission may prescribe, or may, on receiving a request for withdrawal of an application, deny the application or dismiss it without prejudice. The NRC will publish in the Federal Register a document withdrawing the application, if the notice of receipt of the application, an advance notice of proposed rulemaking, or a notice of proposed rulemaking for the standard design certification has been previously published in the Federal Register. If the notice of receipt, advance notice of proposed rulemaking or notice of proposed rulemaking was published on the NRC Web site, then the notice of action on the withdrawal will also be published on the NRC Web site.

(b) The withdrawal of an application does not authorize the removal of any document from the files of the Commission.

[72 FR 49482, Aug. 28, 2007]

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