§ 2.810 NRC size standards.

The NRC shall use the size standards contained in this section to determine whether a licensee qualifies as a small entity in its regulatory programs.

(a) A small business is a for-profit concern and is a —

(1) Concern that provides a service or a concern not engaged in manufacturing with average gross receipts of $8.0 million or less over its last 5 completed fiscal years; or

(2) Manufacturing concern with an average number of 500 or fewer employees based upon employment during each pay period for the preceding 12 calendar months.

(b) A small organization is a not-forprofit organization which is independently owned and operated and has annual gross receipts of $8.0 million or less.

(c) A small governmental jurisdiction is a government of a city, county, town, township, village, school district, or special district with a population of less than 50,000.

(d) A small educational institution is one that is —

(1) Supported by a qualifying small governmental jurisdiction; or

(2) Not state or publicly supported and has 500 or fewer employees.

(e) For the purposes of this section, the NRC shall use the Small Business Administration definition of receipts (13 CFR 121.104). A licensee who is a subsidiary of a large entity does not qualify as a small entity for purposes of this section.

(f) Whenever appropriate in the interest of administering statutes and regulations within its jurisdiction, it is the practice of the NRC to answer inquiries from small entities concerning information on and advice about compliance with the statutes and regulations that affect them. To help small entities obtain information quickly, the NRC has established a toll-free telephone number at 1–800–368–5642.

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